A Cut Above // Sharp Orthodontics: The Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider & DentalMonitoring® Expert

July 19, 2023

Have you ever asked yourself what it means when an orthodontist is referred to as a 'Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider'? How does this distinction blend with innovative DentalMonitoring® to provide you with a more personalized, efficient, and convenient orthodontic experience? If so, then you're at the right place. Let's delve into the world of Sharp Orthodontics, a practice that shines bright in the orthodontics landscape.

First off, the term 'Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider' is more than just a fancy title. It reflects the topmost tier of Invisalign practitioners, denoting a practice that has treated an exceptional number of patients with this innovative teeth-straightening method. Dr. Sharp and Dr. Moore have earned this distinction through a combination of extensive experience, remarkable expertise, and a well-established track record of successful treatments.


Becoming a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider is no walk in the park. This status is awarded to orthodontists who have demonstrated an exceedingly high level of experience with the Invisalign system - treating at least 200 patients within a year, and a minimum of 800 lifetime Invisalign cases. At Sharp Orthodontics, our experience transcends these numbers. Having served thousands of patients successfully, we have honed our skills over the years, learning the intricacies of different dental alignments, and how to efficiently correct each one. This high degree of experience equips us with the ability to confidently handle any orthodontic case, no matter how complex.


Expertise is the fruit of experience, and our Diamond Plus status is proof of our proficiency with Invisalign treatments. To consistently deliver top-notch treatment outcomes, we ensure our team is at the forefront of the latest techniques, technology, and industry standards. We regularly engage in advanced training, mastering the intricacies of the Invisalign system to provide treatments that are both efficient and comfortable.


The third component of our Diamond Plus status is trust. To become a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, a practice must not only demonstrate high levels of experience and expertise but also gain the trust of patients and the orthodontic community at large.At Sharp Orthodontics, trust is a core value. We believe that successful orthodontic treatment goes beyond providing expert care; it also requires creating an environment where patients feel valued, comfortable, and confident in their treatment. Our Diamond Plus status symbolizes our dedication to earning the trust of our patients through consistent, outstanding care.

The Power of DentalMonitoring®

By incorporating DentalMonitoring™ into our practice, Dr. Sharp and Dr. Moore have taken their commitment to personalized, efficient, and convenient orthodontic care a step further. DentalMonitoring® is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to monitor treatment progress remotely. Through an app on your smartphone, you can take regular scans of your teeth that are evaluated by the system and monitored by the doctors. This allows for real-time adjustments and can alert us to any potential issues, reducing the need for physical visits and ensuring the most effective treatment.

A Cut Above

Being a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider is an accolade that signifies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the highest standards of patient care. By coupling this with DentalMonitoring®, Sharp Orthodontics is able to provide the most customized, effective, and convenient orthodontic treatment experience available. Visit us at Sharp Orthodontics, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled expertise. Because we believe everyone deserves to shine their brightest smile.

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