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Your Sharp Orthodontics smile team offers in-person treatment with remote monitoring for modern orthodontic care and beautiful smiles.


Orthodontics isn't just for kids and teenagers anymore. In recent years, we've seen a rising trend in adults seeking orthodontic treatment. This may be due to several reasons. For some, it could be that they never had the opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment in their youth. Others may have experienced shifts in their teeth alignment after completing their initial treatment, often due to irregular use or not wearing their retainers.

If you identify with either of these situations, let us reassure you: it is never too late to get the smile you've always wanted. Age should not be a deterrent in seeking a healthier, more confident smile. In fact, orthodontic treatment in adulthood can contribute to improved oral health and general well-being, boosting self-confidence in the process.

At our practice locations in Springfield and Branson, we understand that adults lead hectic lives. You may juggle lots of responsibilities, from work to family commitments, leaving little time to devote to yourself. Acknowledging this, we have tailored our services to be compatible with even the busiest of schedules. We utilize advanced, tech-forward treatments that are designed to minimize discomfort and time spent in the chair. These innovative solutions can expedite treatment, reduce the frequency of appointments, and are more aesthetically pleasing. From clear aligners to ceramic braces and lingual braces, we offer various discreet options that work effectively without affecting your appearance or lifestyle.

In our hands, you can rest assured that it's not too late to begin or recommit to the journey towards a healthier, more radiant smile. You deserve to look in the mirror and be thrilled with the smile reflecting back at you. We are here to make that desire a reality, regardless of age. Visit our practice today and embark on the path to your ideal smile.


Orthodontic treatment goes beyond just straightening your teeth; it enhances your appearance, builds confidence, and boosts your overall life quality. A smile free of crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth not only improves your overall look, but it also makes you feel amazing. When you're proud of your smile, you naturally become more comfortable in social situations. You'll find yourself laughing freely, sharing ideas, and enjoying conversations, letting this newfound confidence radiate into all areas of your life.

But the benefits don't stop at appearances and self-esteem. Having properly aligned teeth is also crucial for your oral health. They're easier to clean and care for, helping you prevent oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum issues. Improved oral health, in turn, contributes to your overall health, promoting a better quality of life.

In the professional world, a confident smile can be a great asset. From interviews and client meetings to daily interactions with colleagues, a radiant smile can help make a positive and lasting impression. Similarly, in your personal life, a beautiful smile can make you more approachable, leading to stronger and more genuine relationships.

So, investing in orthodontic treatment is essentially an investment in yourself. It's about more than just fixing your teeth; it's about embarking on a journey towards a radiant smile, greater confidence, and a healthier you. Let Sharp Orthodontics partner with you on this transformative journey.


Orthodontic treatment offers a variety of health benefits. Creating a proper bite that can significantly improve your oral and overall health for a lifetime. One key benefit is that straight teeth are inherently easier to clean. With fewer hard-to-reach spaces and crevices, it becomes easier to remove plaque and food particles, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, two common issues that can severely affect your oral health if left untreated.

In addition, a well-aligned bite minimizes bone and gum loss. When teeth are misaligned, they can put undue pressure on certain areas of your gums and jawbone, leading to deterioration over time. By correcting these alignment issues, orthodontic treatment helps distribute bite forces evenly across all teeth, preserving the health of your gums and bones.

Further, an aligned bite helps prevent abnormal wear and tear of tooth enamel. Misaligned teeth often rub against each other in ways they aren't designed to, which can gradually erode the enamel - the tooth's protective outer layer. This can make teeth more susceptible to damage and decay. Orthodontic treatment can correct this issue, preserving the integrity of your tooth enamel and longevity of your teeth.

Lastly, a proper bite can alleviate physical discomfort associated with conditions like temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD). Misaligned bites can cause undue strain on the jaw joint, leading to symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, and difficulty in opening or closing the mouth. Correcting the bite can alleviate these issues, enhancing comfort and improving quality of life.

Orthodontic treatment isn't just about the cosmetic appeal of a beautiful smile. The health benefits are profound, offering lifelong advantages that contribute to better oral health, comfort, and overall well-being.

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