Custom Clear Braces

LightForce Braces in Springfield & Branson, MO

High-precision, 3D printed brackets reduce treatment times and office visits, giving you more time to focus on what you love.

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Faster Treatment, Fewer Office Visits

LightForce braces are custom 3D brackets designed to fit the unique shape of your teeth, for precision that results in faster treatment than traditional braces in fewer office visits.

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LightForce treatment is on average 40% faster than traditional braces.

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Precise, 3D printed brackets are custom made to fit your teeth, reducing breakages.

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LightForce braces need very little adjusting so you'll spend less time in the office.

What is LightForce orthodontics?

LightForce orthodontics is a cutting-edge digital planning and 3D-printing orthodontic system for creating fully customized clear braces. LightForce braces are individually designed for each patient, so they fit your teeth perfectly and are programmed with precise movements to realign your smile.

Why LightForce 3D printing?

LightForce brackets are digitally designed to match the exact measurements and anatomy of your teeth and mouth. The state-of-the-art 3D printer builds each bracket using 100% polycrystalline alumina, optimizing the accuracy and fit of each bracket.

LightForce with Dental Monitoring

LightForce custom braces have faster treatment times than traditional braces. Combined with Dental Monitoring, your orthodontic journey means more doctor time in fewer in-office visits, so you can get your time back!

LightForce Benefits

Better outcomes.

Digital planning of LightForce braces precisely predicts the movement of individual teeth. Custom brackets are then printed to fit the shape of each tooth comfortably and perfectly, improving the straightening accuracy.

Shorter treatment times and fewer office visits

Your highly specific and detailed digital treatment plan shortens your overall treatment time. Because LightForce braces need very little adjusting, you get out of the orthodontist’s chair and get back to living your life.

More comfortable treatment

LightForce braces conform precisely to your teeth, reducing discomfort and maximizing aesthetic appeal.

Fewer Emergencies

LightForce braces fit every tooth perfectly, reducing breakage. Plus, the polycrystalline alumina used to make them is a highly durable form of ceramic.

What’s the treatment process with LightForce braces?

After a complete exam, we discuss your needs and goals, determining if 3D-printed clear LightForce braces are the best fit for you. If you opt for the LightForce custom treatment, we take high-res digital scans of your teeth and mouth.

Using the LightForce braces software, our doctors design your individualized treatment plan, which details the precise movement of your teethYour custom bracket design is finalized using your digital scans.

Each LightForce bracket and the other components of your custom braces are then 3D-printed for a flawless fit. We’ll place the brackets and get you started on your expedited journey to your ideal smile.

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