Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

December 6, 2022

Did you know that it is estimated that between 50-75% of people could benefit from orthodontic treatment? You may be hesitant when your doctor recommends braces, because you are simply unsure of what to expect. It doesn’t have to be so terrifying! Here is everything you need to know.


There is Some Discomfort

When people think about braces, the thing they fear most is the discomfort and pain. While there can certainly be some temporary discomfort, the good news is that the pain is only temporary, and usually only experienced right when they are first applied, and immediately after tightening. Usually, an over-the-counter medicine like aspirin is more than enough to treat this.


There Are Some Foods to Avoid

With braces, there are certainly some foods that you will want to avoid. Food that is very crunchy, chewy or sticky, or foods that require hard biting or tearing, like apples, may want to be avoided, unless you cut them into small, easy pieces. The first day or two, during the initial discomfort, you will want to stick to softer foods like pasta, but this will pass quickly and you can get back to eating almost anything you were eating before.


Taking Care of Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth while you have braces is very important. For example, stay away from sugary foods, as they can build up and get trapped as plaque and lead to tooth decay and other dental issues. You will want to brush more frequently, and use a smaller brush to get around all of the brackets. You will also want to brush immediately after each meal.


How Long is Treatment

When you first go in for an in-person assessment with your doctor and the team, they should be able to give you an estimate of the time treatment will take. The exact time will be determined by how faithfully you follow your treatment program, as well as how well your teeth respond to the treatment. On average, most people need to wear their braces for about two years, with minor cases taking less time, and major treatments taking up to three years. If you are an adult that has previously had treatment but has seen their teeth shift, you may only need braces for about six months, after which time you will need to wear a night retainer.

Braces can make such a change in your smile and your attitude! If you are unsatisfied with your current smile, schedule an in-person assessment with Sharp Orthodontics and let us discover your options!

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