Orthodontist Near Me - Finding a Great Orthodontist in Your Area

Searching for a great “orthodontist near me”? Here is an easy guide that can be useful anywhere in the US, from the smallest city to the largest metro area.

November 24, 2022

Reading an article about choosing “a great orthodontist near me” can seem self-serving, as frequently the conclusion of the post is the orthodontist publishing the article. However, with the easy access to the internet and search portals, we went out to publish a guide that can be useful anywhere in the US, from the smallest city to the largest metro area. 


Is Your Orthodontist Actually a Specialist in the Treatment You Are Seeking?

First, there is a great difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. Every orthodontist is a dentist, most dentists are not orthodontists. See this article on the topic to understand more about the difference, and why it is important. One way you can be sure your orthodontist is a specialist is to visit this website, which lists only specialists graduating from an accredited orthodontic program. Further, you can visit here to ensure that your orthodontist has become board certified.

However you eventually find the name of the doctor, make sure that they are a specialist, and that they attended the recommended length of specialty training. If they had less than two or three years, they are not specialists.


Get Recommendations From Your Regular Dentist, Friends, Family

While it may seem logical to get a recommendation from only your primary dentist, many dentists are now practicing orthodontics themselves part-time, and may try to encourage you to receive treatment directly from them. Ask your friends and family who have needed orthodontic care, and do not discount local search results for the highest-rated orthodontists near you. If you have had any experience with oral surgeons, they may be a valuable resource as well.


How to Research Orthodontists Near You Online

The internet can be a valuable source of information, mainly Local Search results that rank the office by total review score and reliability. First, visit the website and determine whether it is modern, if it explains the procedures they offer, and if it provides links to social media to investigate the comments there. Do they offer financing? Do they offer online scheduling?

Check the Google local reviews, and read them with a grain of salt. Most orthodontists that provide great service get some great reviews, but the occasional bad review needs to be taken in context. Unhappy clients are much more willing to leave a review than a happy client. Notice how long they have been in business, and how consistent the good reviews are over that time period. Having said that, a pattern of ugly reviews and few good reviews is a warning sign.

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