The Benefits of Dental Monitoring: Less Office Time, More Study Time!

At Sharp Orthodontics we value your time, which is why we use a remote monitoring tool called Dental Monitoring.

June 5, 2023

Congratulations to all the recent graduates! At Sharp Orthodontics, we want to extend our heartfelt congratualations to all of you for your remarkable achievements and dedication. We know that between your studies, extracurricular activities, and your big dreams, time is of the essence. As we continue to celebrate this graduation season, we'd like to highlight a technological advancement in orthodontic care that allows you to focus more on your dreams and less on waiting rooms: Dental Monitoring

Firstly, what is Dental Monitoring? It's an AI-driven remote monitoring tool used by orthodontists to track your orthodontic treatment progress without requiring frequent physical office visits. With this tool, your orthodontic journey can be as seamless as the radiant smiles we see in the graduation photos.

There are many benefits of Dental Monitoring, which our own Dr. Sharp and Dr. Moore are using to track Invisalign® treatment progress remotely, including:


Flexibility and Convenience

One of the main advantages of Dental Monitoring is the flexibility and convenience it offers. We understand that our patients lead busy lives with school, work, and other commitments. The combination of Invisalign and Dental Monitoring allows you to receive high-quality orthodontic care without the need for frequent in-office visits. By conducting regular checks on your treatment progress remotely, it frees up more of your time, allowing you to focus on important events, like graduations, and lets you spend less time in our waiting room.


Faster Treatment Adjustments

Dental Monitoring provides real-time tracking of your orthodontic treatment progress. With this advanced technology, Dr. Sharp and Dr. Moore can see detailed updates of your teeth and can make adjustments to your treatment plan as needed. This real-time monitoring not only accelerates the treatment process but also ensures that any potential issues are detected and addressed ASAP.


Personalized Care

Another unique benefit of Dental Monitoring is the personalized care it provides. Each of our patients' orthodontic journeys is unique, and Dental Monitoring allows for individualized treatment plans to be tailored and adjusted according to real-time data. This capability leads to more efficient treatment.


Enhanced Communication

With Dental Monitoring, communication between our patients and our doctors is significantly improved. Any concerns or questions you have can be addressed promptly, resulting in more effective care. This streamlined communication ensures that you are always informed and comfortable with your treatment journey.

At Sharp Orthodontics, we are committed to providing a superior patient experience. The integration of Dental Monitoring alongside Invisalign into our practice underscores this commitment. We are thrilled to see our patients sharing their fabulous smiles this graduation season, and we're even more delighted knowing that their orthodontic journey has been smooth and convenient. Sharp Orthodontics, we're all about more smiles and less waiting room time. After all, your time should be spent on achieving your dreams, not in our waiting room.

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