The Future of Orthodontics is Here: Experience Top-Tier Treatment with a Time Saving Approach at Sharp Orthodontics

September 21, 2023

At Sharp Orthodontics we’re not just revolutionizing orthodontic care but are also giving our patients something incredibly valuable: more time. That’s because we recognize that your time is precious. Every moment spent with loved ones, diving into hobbies, or simply relaxing is invaluable. That's why Dr. Sharp and Dr. Moore’s decision to integrate Dental Monitoring (DM) into the practice is so groundbreaking.

"It's not merely about offering advanced orthodontic solutions," Dr. Sharp says. "It's about enhancing the quality of our patients' lives by giving them back their time."

Here's the magic of Dental Monitoring at Sharp Orthodontics:

  • Less Time in the Office and More Time for You: DM drastically reduces the need for frequent in-office visits. This means fewer interruptions to your schedule and more time for the things and people you love.
  • Remote Care and a Personal Touch: Despite the reduced physical visits, DM ensures personalized, accurate, and efficient care. Patients can now receive feedback and recommendations from the comfort of their homes, making treatment not just effective, but also incredibly convenient.
  • Greater Precision and Faster Treatment: The detailed data from DM allows Dr. Sharp and the team to make precise treatment decisions. This often translates to potentially faster treatment times, getting you to your perfect smile sooner.

Having a leading orthodontist like Dr. Frank Sharp in our communities of Springfield and Branson allows for world-class care right here in Springfield and Branson. His commitment to harnessing technology for the benefit of his patients means our communities have access to orthodontic care that’s not just cutting-edge, but also respects the value of their time.

Orthodontic care at Sharp Orthodontics is more than just about aligning teeth—it's about aligning with your lifestyle. With Sharp Orthodontics and Dental Monitoring, our promise is twofold: exceptional care and more time for you.

If you haven’t yet experienced the DM difference, we invite you to discover how modern orthodontics can seamlessly fit into your life, giving you more moments for what truly matters.

Sharp Orthodontics: Where innovation meets consideration, and your time is truly yours.


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